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Disposable Medical Caps - Nursery Caps

Diadays Medical Product's Medical hats - caps ; specially designed and disposable cap product with professional features for public health, it isolates harmful molecules, chemicals, viruses and microbes adhering to air particles. Healthcare workers use bonnets in order to prevent infection-risky problems in the healthcare world. Bonnet use is also mandatory in the food manufacturing sector. Bonnet use is required to avoid allergic situations during production.

This product, which has an isolation feature, prevents hair from falling and also eliminates the risk of infection. It is used in the food sector to prevent hair hair from mixing with foods during production. In addition, this product is used to prevent chemical substances from damaging the skin. Since human hair hair creates chemical interaction during food production, it must be covered with a bonnet.

Special Medical Caps for the Health World - Diadays Medica Products

Doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses, surgeons, laboratory attendants, dental technicians, dentists, veterinarians and pathologists use it. The use of bonnets is one of the most important issues in the health world. Bonnet models, which are compulsory isolation products in operating rooms, have a standard use feature.

Ultrasonic sewing has been used in these caps, which have practical use. In addition, latex-free rubbers that do not damage the skin and do not cause any allergic conditions are used. Because it has anti-bacterial properties, there are no viruses that cause infectious diseases and harmful microorganisms that threaten public health.

Special Disposable Medical Caps - Medical Caps

The most important feature of the fabric used is that it is hygienic. It also allows the scalp to breathe and provides hygienic protection. The breathable fabric feature prevents sweating and itching and allows the head to breathe. It is a single use product used in the isolation of the hair area.

Disposable and Single use has many advantages. Harmful microbes, chemicals and viruses in the atmosphere of the working environment adhere to the cap. For a day, these substances stick to the bone surface and thrown into the garbage. In this way, the practical isolation process takes place. This product is non-washable and disposable. After use, it should be thrown into a covered waste bin.

Useful and Practical Medical Caps - Medical Caps

It has a wide usage area today because it is economical, useful and effective. Bonnet production using materials such as Propoliplen, Nonwoven-Spunbond is carried out using methods in accordance with the regulation. It is not fire resistant and should be replaced when contaminated with any substance. Non-woven fabrics are used in the production of accordion bonnets.

Its elastic design and accordion functional features provide ease of use. Due to its elastic and openable feature, it easily fits all sizes. Tire design has many advantages. Thanks to this design, it is not a problem for the bonnet to stand at the beginning.

Has Standard Size Feature

Thanks to the wide surface and openable circumference of the Medical Hats and Medical Caps, it makes it easy to use accordion bones for people with long hair. Due to its large internal volume, all of the hair can be collected in the bonnet. Large size models are generally for women.

Disposable accordion medical caps, which are produced untouched by human hands during the production phase, are produced in special machines. These products, which are sutured ultrasonically without touching, are produced within the limits set by medical device regulations and directives. All stages in the production of accordion medic caps products are carried out by automatic machines. These products are called accordions because they open from the middle to the sides and expand.


These anti-bacterial products also have anti-static properties. Thanks to this feature, no dust accumulates on it. Hair bonnet fabric structure is healthy and has a long-term insulation feature. Its special fabric that breathes and prevents perspiration has a moisture-insulating feature.

Diadays Medical Caps is standard and everyone can easily use it. One of the most important features of our product is that it is recyclable and therefore does not harm the nature. The hair cap product is nature-friendly. It has two color properties as white and green.

Aesthetically Designed

Due to its elasticity, it does not need a belt system or similar locking system. The hair cap, which completely covers the back of the head, has an aesthetic appearance due to its thin and elegant appearance. Its fine fabric structure, thin elastics and unnoticeable seams provide an aesthetic appearance. The product only covers the hair area. Forehead and face remain open.

Diadays Medical Disposable Caps, which is not a male or female model, is single-use and has a single model. It is sold in packages. There are 100 pieces in the packages.

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